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In UNNA world, it's not about finishing
in the first place but in a good place!
You shouldn't have to run a marathon or do
100 push ups to feel good about yourself!

In UNNA world, it's not about finishing
in the first place but in a good place!
You shouldn't have to run a marathon or do
100 push ups to feel good about yourself!

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Why we exist

We want to create more room for joy, creativity and well-being in sportswear. We want to promote an active lifestyle that is not based on performance, but rather put emphasis on the benefits of moving, one step at a time.

It's not about the miles

The beauty of it all is that you can get all these amazing benefits for your body simply by following a moderately energetic lifestyle. You don’t have to run like crazy. It's not about how long you run, or how much weight you lift. It's about how often you do it. As long as you start moving you will set miracles in motion!


Obviously, there’s no such thing as a sustainable fashion brand. We can, however, make clothes in a better way, using consciously selected materials. We vow to put material science at the center of our product development, and we only work with trusted factories within the European Union.


Econyl®, also known as regenerated nylon, is an alternative to nylon made from waste products. The used nylon mainly comes from reprocessed fishing nets. The fabric features a comfortable stretch and is highly durable.

Recycled Polyester

Like traditional polyester, recycled polyester is produced from synthetic fibers. However, instead of utilizing new materials to craft the fabric, such as petroleum, recycled polyester makes use of existing plastic such as used PET bottles.

GOTS Cotton

GOTS stands for Global Organic Textile Standard and was developed by leading standard setters to define worldwide recognized requirements for organic textiles. All our cotton products are GOTS certified.

RWS Wool

RWS stands for Responsible Wool Standard and was developed by global industry leaders to define requirements for ethical and more sustainable wool production. All our wool products are RWS certified and mulesing free.


Tencel™ branded lyocell and modal fibers are produced by environmentally responsible processes from the sustainably sourced natural raw material wood. The fabric offers great durability, moisture absorption, and gentleness to the skin.

Giving back

It's important for us to give back. Therefore, we will put aside 5% of our yearly profits into a fund. The money will go towards initiatives promoting health and movement to people in need. We are currently searching for suitable partner organisations.

Founder story

UNNA is the product of a health scare that resulted in founder John-Ruben Holtback realizing the importance of exercise on body and mind. John-Ruben, previous founder of menswear brand L'HOMME ROUGE (brand of the year at Nordiska Kompaniet and winner of the International Woolmark Prize), wanted to share those learning with as many as possible, which planted the seed that is now UNNA. With UNNA, we want to inspire movement and well-being, and show that moving and working out should be fun.